Get Rid of Clutter Now!

The process of moving is a daunting enough task, without the prospect of moving your clutter from one home to another. Start fresh in your new home by decluttering long before you start packing up. Doing so will also make the process of staging your home much easier,  as your Realtor® will likely recommend removing clutter and excess furniture, so that your home’s features can shine through.

Unfortunately, decluttering is a bit of an emotional process for many people. Letting go of “stuff” can feel overwhelming. So give yourself time, but use a system that works for you. There are many ideas and suggestions for tackling the process of decluttering  that are just a Google search away. There is even a popular Netflix series.

Regardless of what methods you use to separate the emotion from the process, you are still going to need options on how to dispose of your unwanted clutter. You’ll be separating items into categories: keep, trash, sell, donate. One piece of advice: for items you are choosing to dispose of or donate, don’t let the dust settle on them! Cart them off the same day. Items left for too long will tend to be reincorporated into your clutter. So make sure you tackle the mess in manageable stages, so you can immediately cart off the unwanted items.

If you plan to sell any items of value that you no longer need or want, technology has created interesting options to the problematic “yard sale”. ThredUp is a resale option for clothing and accessories, and Trove is focused on furniture and home décor. The 5miles platform is a little like Craigslist, but more localized. Facebook MarketPlace, and neighborhood-base Facebook groups have also become popular for those looking to buy/sell/trade unwanted items.

Regardless of which resale tool you choose, practice safety in meeting with potential buyers. Don’t meet buyers alone, choose well lighted and well populated meeting locations (never your home or theirs), and preferably a location with video surveillance. Many police stations are ok with citizens using their parking lots or lobbies for exchanges. Personal safety is of utmost importance. Find out more details on how to stay safe here.

If you decide that selling online isn’t for you, you can find local consignment stores and resale shops, many of which specialize in children’s apparel/furniture/toys, adult fashion, or home furnishings.

If you prefer to donate, rather than sell, you have numerous options. Goodwill Salvation Army, and Habitat ReStore will come to you to pick up items you wish to donate. Habitat ReStore will even take home improvement salvage like cabinets, sinks, hardware, and appliances.  Many homeless shelters, animal shelters, churches, and other service organizations will also take donations of gently used items. Here’s a list of other donation sites throughout Silicon Valley.

Decluttering is difficult, but your wallet will thank you when it costs less to move your stuff, and you will have more peace of mind not having to deal with the clutter while trying to pack. Your trash may be another’s treasure, so share to love!  Donating and upcycling is also good for the environment, as it keeps clutter out of landfills.

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